October 2018

Merry Christmas—Ho, Ho, Ho!

Hope this holiday greeting finds you well. We are back
in Ajijic for our 12th season in the land of sun and fun.
Our holidays will be spent with our children and
grandchildren in Cancun, where we will be celebrating our
50th wedding anniversary on December 28th and ringing in
the New Year together.

We continue to enjoy our retirement filled with travel--
this year in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador,
Canada and America. This summer we RVed through four
Canadian provinces and 17 states sightseeing and visiting
friends and family including 13 brothers and sisters, only
one of whom is younger than us.
With sadness, we said farewell to Glorine’s sister, Alvina,
who passed away in October, but feel grateful that
we were able to spend time with her when
she was still feeling well. We spent a great deal of the summer
with Carmen, Mike, Denise and Craig along with their
beautiful children Dakota 13, Clara 12, Sierra 11, Chase 10
and Hunter 8. All of whom keep us young.

Our Roaming through Retirement website is still
active-documenting the special moments of 2018 and previous
highlights since retiring in June of 2007. Click here to view
the pictures and stories of our exciting adventures together.
We remain healthy and thankful for the countless family
and friends who help shape our lives in ways that keep us
"Happy, Wild and Free".

Wishing you a Special Holiday Season and an Enjoyable
and Happy New Year!

Merrily yours, Glorine and Larry