Roaming Through Retirement

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Welcome to the 10th Anniversary Edition

Yes, it has been ten years since we said farewell to our 40+ years of work and began dedicating ourselves to life in retirement. Our goals were simple and have changed only slightly since we began. They are to:  1) spend more time with our daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren, 2) stay in touch with our extended family and friends, 3) relish our winters in Ajijic where it is typically warm and sunny, 4) enjoy the beauty of America and Canada in our RV, 5) explore the beauty of the world through overseas adventures and 6) document our special moments on this website. We can honestly say we have met or exceeded these goals and in the process, have accomplished a retirement that some call “happy, wild and free.”

What's New? To make retirement easier on ourselves, we recently purchased this small two-bedroom, two-bath villa in Ajijic, with views of Lake Chapala and the Sierra Madre Mountains. It is here where we will continue to enjoy warm and sunny winters along with an active lifestyle with friendly Mexicans and people from around the world. During these past ten years, we have made dozens and dozens of friends here in Mexico and have hosted over twenty family and friends from the USA to experience how special this place truly is. We encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity.

This spring, summer and fall, we will continue RVing in the USA. In February, June, September and October we will be celebrating our grandchildren’s birthdays. And over the 4th of July we will be attending two very special events in Bismarck, North Dakota—the Barnhardt and Ressler Reunions.

Below are links to the months of the year, along with our annual holiday greeting and an archive button to view previous years. Thanks again for checking us out! Just click HERE and keep us up-to-date. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Warmest Regards, Larry and Glorine

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